With a view to create awareness for a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable world and to promote sustainable development, we quit our insufficient and unilateral jobs and founded reSimple. With this step, we have taken an initiative to promote proactive movement as opposed to reactive responses.

In order to create change for global sustainability and to realize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, it is pivotal for companies, the civil society and the public to create collaborative partnerships. Our aims at reSimple are to create common value by bringing different stakeholders together, to promote and help organisations adopt a proactive approach, thereby creating competitive advantage in terms of reputation, credibility, and brand equity, as well as to promote transparent and fair organisations through sustainable risk management.

We provide organisations with the means to increase their positive environmental, social and economic impacts and assess their compliance with any legislation and standard that seeks to promote sustainability and provide them guidance on how to implement such regulations. We develop and manage corporate social responsibility projects on their behalf and provide them and their staff with the relevant training. We help organisations respond to the demands of the current trends and requirements by including sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement and code of conduct consultancy in our services.


is to create common value with a view to promoting sustainable development by bringing together companies, the civil society and the public.


We provide services and conduct our operations with a proactive approach, through solution-oriented, efficient, ethical, honest and transparent decision-making, with respect towards client needs and demands and progressiveness, thorough research, and creativity, at the heart of our actions.


Elif Berktaş Yüksel, Ph.D.

Elif Berktaş Yüksel, graduated from TED Ankara College High School and Bilkent University Faculty of Law. She obtained her LL.M degree on “Law & Economics” from Bilkent University Faculty of Law. She completed her doctoral studies in the field of private law in the same university.
Upon working as a research fellow at Bilkent University Faculty of Law, Department of Civil Law for three years, Elif continued her career as an attorney at her own law office. She is experienced in litigation, drafting and revising contracts, and compliance. She has academic and practical knowledge in diverse areas of private law including, but not limited to, contracts law and commercial law.
Currently, with her partner Zeynep who shares her ideals and dreams, she provides sustainability consultancy services to her clients.

Zeynep Kılıçkaya, Ph.D.

Zeynep Kılıçkaya, Ph.D., graduated from TED Ankara College High School and obtained her bachelor’s degree from Bilkent University Faculty of Law. After completing her legal traineeship, she obtained her LL.M degree from Tilburg University in the Netherlands in the field of International and European Labour Law. In the same year, she started working as a research fellow at Bilkent University Faculty of Law, Department of Labour and Social Security Law where she worked for seven years. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in the field of public law from the same university. She gave Labour Law and Business Law courses at Bilkent University and is currently working as a part-time instructor at TED University giving Introduction to Sustainable Development, Human Rights, and Labour Law courses. Her academic research is focused on labour law, social security law, social human rights law and corporate social responsibility.

Zeynep’s personal choices have always been inspired by her awareness concerning social, economic and environmental issues. As a self-goal, she undertakes to inspire her students and her personal environment in making wise decisions that serve to promote a sustainable world. Her awareness and sensitivity concerning social issues has evolved into a motivation of expanding her knowledge and experience to a wider audience. With the aim of substantiating her academic work and ideas, she terminated her academic career and co-founded reSimple with Elif.